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16 April 2016 @ 09:31 pm
[Preorder Sales] KAT-TUN 10th Anniversary Live Tour "10Ks!" Tour Goods  

Preorder Deadline: 19th April 2016
Preorder Closed
Estimated Arrival Date: mid May 2016

Pamphlet 38 28
Jumbo Uchiwa (3 types; Specify member) 13 10
Poster (4 types; Specify group or member) 16 12
Clear File (4 types; Specify group or member) 12 9
T-Shirt 45 33
Bath Towel (2 Types) 48 35
Coffee Cup 22 17
Shopping Bag 35 26
Sticker 9 7
Original Glow Stick 28 21
Club Newsletter Folder 18 13
4-color Ballpoint Pen 16 12
Original Photo Set (4 types; Specify group or member) 16 12
USB Power Adapter 40 30

Click here to see the photo of the goods!

We will be shipping from Singapore, prices are exclusive of shipping fees within Singapore or from Singapore to your country.
We will inform you of the shipping fee upon your order.

kurosaki91 will be getting the goods from the Osaka concert site personally.
International buyers may opt for direct shipping from Japan; but shipping fees are most likely more expensive in Japan.

Bank transfer to DBS Remix eSavings Plus Account 120-0-021386 (Singaporeans)
Paypal to info.poppypuff@gmail.com (International Buyers)

Please only make payment after we have confirmed your order with you.

Please comment on this entry to order 💁
or email me at josey@live.com.sg
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